Sustainable hygiene services in Brisbane

Our commitment towards a sustainable future

For the environmentally conscious, Pacific Hygiene Systems in association with  J J Richards & Sons is committed to an environmentally sustainable future. Our non-recyclable waste along with the waste of other like-minded organisations is delivered to the Ti-Tree bioenergy facility where it is converted to clean energy. This helps to:

  • Provide a renewable energy source to power 22,000 households
  • Reduce damaging greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere
  • Reduce the need to mine non-renewable fossil fuels
  • Rehabilitate an old coal mine site
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Our association with TransPacific - Environmental Recovery Services (ERS) assures all waste water used in our sanitary bin washing machine plant is collected transported and processed in accordance with all applicable environmental legislation.

Organisational Health & Sustainability

Infection control advisory service

To ensure that your organisation's washroom hygiene meets the highest standards, request an infection prevention, and control audit for you premises, by clicking on the bug control logo. 

For more information on our sustainable practices, call us on 07 3274 5622 today

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